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poch Extract QaptaHvIS
risun Bio-Tech inc | Updated: Apr 11, 2016

jav poch extracts yeast chronological lifespan significantly matay'DI' extent puS vIvoqHa' ghur 'e' tu' maH

SIbI' Sov longevity-extending chemical compounds. extracts wa' 'ach potent longevity-extending

'ach Del pharmacological intervention. vaj Hoch jav poch extracts nuq'e' mIm geroprotector qar cha' maH

onset 'ej yeast chronological aging rate nup pong hormetic stress response eliciting. Hoch je 'ang 'e' maH

pIm 'angbogh Da cellular mIw longevity define qaStaHvIS yagh across phyla 'e' ghaj extracts. DaH nobvam 'angbogh Da

tlha' lom nolwI'pu': mitochondrial respiration 'ej membrane potential; ghur 1 augmented pagh concentrations reduced, 2

mut reactive yInSIp; oxidative QIH cellular proteins, membrane lipids, nup 3 mitochondrial 'ej lIngchugh

genomes; 4 enhance cell resistance stresses oxidative 'ej thermal; 'ej neutral lipids degradation per 5

deposited lipid droplets neH. chu' insights vaj mechanisms vegh baS chemicals extracted vo' be DuHIvDI' findings

biological aging laH slow poch.