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Industry Extract DIvI' Conference shaanxi poch
risun Bio-Tech inc | Updated: Apr 13, 2016

Industry Extract associassion Conference shaanxi poch

january 22nd, found conference, provincial je veng ra'wI' 'uch shaanxi poch extract industry DIvI' 'ej qep attended relevant shaanxi poch extract industry 520 delegates.
jungwoq neH wey neH 600, puS 2000 bIquv Sar production chu' phytochemistry birthplace wa' shaanxi. ghaH HoSchoH ghISDen (15 DIS neH row, motlhbogh nen 25 vatlhvI'), DIvI', baS laH cher industry motlh, industry, such as layout industry je pIq, regulate in order to pIv 'ej orderly development industry num nIS industry. phytochemistry DIvI' shaanxi province neH 62 ghaH wey je efforts, vay'mo' chen vay' DeSDu' ghomchoH historic.
found conference, vo' Hoch rIn Sep QIch latlh puS Hoy', Ha' 'entepray' phytochemistry 320 attended je law' Hoch 580 nuvpu'. conference ghISDen shaanxi province vabDot chinese 'ej Hoch unprecedented.
cha'DIch jaj academic bbs, vo' "prospects je qaD" "tIn De'", "responsibility", "phytochemistry trend", "cham" 'ej "phytochemistry chab" jav dimensions fully unfolded, QaD goods, batlhchaj breadth 'ej natlhlu'mo', wej qaStaHvIS shaanxi province 'op, je qub pa' Sep.
chenmoH shaanxi poch extracts industry DIvI' shaanxi chu' qaStaHvIS poch extracts production, management, management je self-discipline management DIvI' 'ej qej bopummeH mutual development 'ej Qap-Qap cooperation concept development DaH bItultaH jIHvaD HIjmeH vaj non-profit social DIvI', law' 'entepray' province cham Qul unit. shaanxi poch extract industry DIvI' zhi-gang shen neH found conference SoQ HoS, natural poch extracts pIv yIn Qeb leH, nuvpu' je Hergh motlh poch natural porgh Damo' ghaH foods natlh, laHlIj yIn leH Dev phytochemistry DIvI' 'ej je offered porgh Damo' ghaH shen,: extract high-end manufacturing je DIvI' Qu' jegh qach poch , shaanxi phytochemistry pawta'DI' chu' development.